Google nixes the ‘view image’ button Picture searches

If you’ve ever lurks around online searching for a photograph of something… or something, you’ve likely done a Google search, and when you found everything you were searching for, you hit “opinion” to have a good look. Well, at least you used to.

Google has only canned the “opinion” button because apparently, people have been using it to trap that kitty pic rather than going to the site at which the kitty pic is actually published and snagging it from that point.

Google posted up about their small but significant change to picture search results on their Google Lookup Liason twitter feed, stating that the rethink comes in part from their settlement using Getty images last week over this issue: The illegal and uncredited re-use of images, especially those made with professional photographers and press creators.

The world wide web has sort of become a bane for innovative forms — such as musicians — because of the mostly unenforced or maybe even unenforceable copyright offenses that go on with photos and music. Will deleting the view button solve the “picture” issue? Unlikely, or so the search continues at Google and elsewhere the best way to protect against the unauthorized use of content.

We have all heard the old expression “too much of a great thing,” especially in regards to alcohol and Ben and Jerry’s, but what about…. glass? This appears to be a problem at Apple’s new round headquarters in Cupertino, with Time magazine coverage that the issue of Apple employees walking to the giant slabs of glass that make up walls and rooms at the spaceship has grown an actual issue.

Like many people, Apple employees tend to be nose-down in their iPhones while walking at work, and allegedly they’ve been creating unwanted contact with the trademark translucent slabs that are a layout highlight of the giant torus. Some employees started placing stickie notes on the panes to ward off flashes, but they state the notes were removed since it mussed the design aesthetic of this area. Hey, we get it however we also get employee safety.

Apple has something for glass as we all know, also in 2011 a woman who broke her nose right into a glass wall at an Apple Store resisted the company, however she settled without Apple needing to pay her says Time. So what to do about employees shambling to the apparent partitions at the spaceship? There has gotta be an app for that.

The Panther stinks tonight

DT movie man Rick Marshall obtained a historical look at Dark Panther and says it pretty much lives up to the hype, with all amazing set pieces, great characters, strong acting, and some brains to go along with the action sequences.

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