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An innocent-looking photo of a sleeping little boy has been revealed to contain a surprising clue about the cause of his naughty behaviour.

Mum Melody Yazdani posted the picture of her son Kian on Facebook when she noticed it, wanting to help other parents as it would “change their lives”, the Mirror reported.

She wrote how Kian’s behaviour started to get worse last year, until one simple clue showed her what was really wrong.

Her Facebook post reads: “All parents. If you have a child, I’m going to tell you something you need to know that you have probably never heard. And please share this.

“There is a huge red flag in the picture I am sharing with this story. Do you see it?”

The mum explained how last year her son, Kian, who is now eight years old, started getting behaviour reports at school.

He had not had any problems in Kindergarten and was always “intelligent, feisty and extremely active,” so Melody was surprised when Kian’s teacher told her he was pushing other children and “having a hard time controlling his body”.

With new systems in place at school, his behaviour improved – but at home it got worse, with meltdowns over little things.

“Every morning it’s tantrum after tantrum, before we even got out of bed,” she said. “Hitting and throwing things, and the screaming. All the screaming. Starting at 5am every morning.

“We were at a loss – how did he become this way, what could we have done different?”

Kian started to see a therapist, who recommended ADHD testing.

What the picture shows

‘Lightning struck’ when Melody found an article linking ADHD to sleep disordered breathing and mouth breathing.

The red flag in Melody’s photograph is that Kian’s mouth is open while he sleeps.

She wrote: “CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BREATHE THROUGH THEIR MOUTHS. Not while awake, not while asleep. Never.

“Mouth breathing is NOT NORMAL and has long term consequences for health. I’ll repeat, because this is important – MOUTH BREATHING IS NOT NORMAL, NOT DURING THE DAY OR AT NIGHT.

“When a child breathes through their mouth, their brain (and body) is not getting enough oxygen. At night, this lowered oxygen saturation is detrimental to the quality of sleep and their brain’s ability to get enough rest.”

Melody listed other problems mouth breathing can cause before explaining that sleep deprivation in children and ADHD exhibit ‘the exact same symptoms’.

She claims studies with medicated ADHD kids, where their sleep disordered breathing had been fixed, showed improvement in symptoms and within six months 70% of the children were no longer medicated.

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“As in, their ADHD was cured. Because it wasn’t ADHD. In 70% of children. Let that sink in,” she wrote.

Kian was diagnosed with sleep apnea and sinusitis.

“He got exactly 0 minutes of REM sleep during the first study, and oxygen saturation in the low 80%, and his sinuses were 90% blocked,” Melody explained.

“We had no idea that Kian had a headache daily, but it was just his normal so he never thought to tell us.”

The mum noticed an “immediate change” when Kian’s tonsils and adenoids were removed, breathing through his nose when he came out of surgery.

“We have seen a complete 180 in behavior (sic)”, she wrote. “No more angry tantrums, no more fixation on little things, it’s been an enormous change.

“Here’s why I am sharing: No one, in my 12 years of parenting, ever told me any of this.

“All the signs were there, right in front of our eyes, and I had no clue.”

Nurse captures heart-wrenching photo of parents comforting daughter as she dies of cancer

    Registered nurse captures heart-wrenching photo of parents calming daughter as she passes away of cancer cells

Zoey Catherine Daggett died at 4:17 p.m. on the Fourth of July, someday timid of two years because she first had signs of her mind tumor.

“We have actually had 2 years to plan for this yet it’s never — it’s never ever sufficient,” stated Zoey’s mother, Caseby Daggett.

Zoey spent her last day held by her moms and dads Casey as well as Ben Daggett, listening to stories and songs. They put on among her preferred films, Harry Potter and also the Prisoner of Azkaban.

“Midway via the film that was it,” Ben said.Zoey had actually been decreasing in health and wellness each day since June 27. “It was possibly a month ago we kind of found out that the radiation had not been working any longer,” Ben stated. Her condition aggravated as well as her parents opened up their house to neighborhood members, friends and family on June 30 regarding 50 individuals pertained to visit her in her last days.

“She was a ball of enjoyable,” Casey said.Before her diagnosis, Zoey never stopped relocating. She enjoyed going to her grandparents’milk ranch, fishing, feeding cows as well as mosting likely to institution at Brooks Hill Primary School in the Fairport Central Institution Area. Zoey was a twister, a runner and also a snuggler that liked every person, Casey stated. She suched as superheroes, unicorns, princesses and also mosting likely to breweries with her moms and dads. She intended to go everywhere with them.She’s always with them. They lug soundwaves of Zoey’s voice tattooed on their arms. The waves claim “I enjoy you”and also”not today, “a line from the show Game of Thrones. They described:” What do you claim to the godof fatality? You claim, ‘Not today. ‘””She was just this tiny little person that brought light to each and every single room and every single occasion,”Casey stated.” I bear in mind, we went to Xmas Eve Mass once, it’s dead silent and she just starts vocal singing” Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” in the center of a giant, packed church.” That was Zoey.Her medical diagnosis can be found in July 2016. She had fallen at a park and also hopped for a couple of days, but

she had no busted bones and appeared OK. Concerning a week later on she lost mobility in her hand, prompting a journey to the emergency clinic. That’s when physicians located the tumor.Zoey had a scattered innate pontine glioma (DIPG )tumor, an uncommon mind cancer that mainly influences kids ages 4 to 10.”That was a rough phone call,”Ben said. Zoey lived past original assumptions.”I really did not find out about this until we were detected, and then you understand there’s various other youngsters in our location that have

it,” Casey said.” DIPG is not treatable in all as well as has a less than 1 percent possibility of survival.” The growth grows rapidly as well as can remove capacities such as strolling, speaking, swallowing, sight as well as eventually the ability to breathe.From then on, Zoey‘s trip was chronicled on CaringBridge and Facebook pages. Her story was complied with by over 6,000individuals on the”Zoeys Battle”Facebook page.Updating enjoyed ones individually regarding Zoey’s trip was overwhelming in the beginning, so Casey established the web pages.

At some point writing updates regarding both the poor as well as the good came to be cleansing. “It was handy and also healing for me to write all of it out there and let everyone know what we’re undergoing,”Casey said.The day of Zoey’s death on Wednesday was captured, too. In the posted picture, Zoey is in her father’s lap as well as held by her mom.

“Now I don’t require the photo,”Ben claimed. They have her last days memorized, though someday they might require it.They’re taking into consideration altering”Zoeys fight” web page to “Zoeys light”a location to provide

back and also do what Zoey would do. The only point that makes sense now, Casey stated, is to”assist others also when we can not help ourselves.”In her brief life, Zoey certainly lived Zoey had a container

list. She was a supporter in Fairport, attended camps, fulfilled all the Disney princesses she could as well as rode in a Batmobile, her moms and dads said.She loved traveling as well as saw Amsterdam; Germany; France; London; California; Florida; Washington

, D.C.; as well as New York City. She saw Paris on Thanksgiving while the family lived abroad for treatments as well as she constantly wanted to go back.”We took a trip the globe for Zo,”Casey claimed.”We ensured that she saw everything that she wanted to see, because she had not been going to have the ability to when she aged.” In her last days, at her Brooks Hill graduation, Zoey claimed”when I mature I wish to be a make-up woman. “Zoey was well sustained by her school’s area, Casey said. Educators would give her gifts and they went to the Beat Mind Cancer 5K run

one-mile walk in very early June, where the race donated all proceeds to Zoey. Educators pertained to see her during her last days.”Our Fairport family members is deeply saddened by the loss of Zoey. Our thoughts and petitions head out to her family members during this incredibly difficult time,” claimed a statement from the Fairport Central College District.Fairport to Germany Fighting for more time, they took Zoey’s fight to Germany.The family members searched for medical alternatives in New york city City, London and in Germany. Doctors in Rochester informed them there weren’t options here for treatment trials yet they would certainly assist the Daggetts study other therapies around the globe that could function or boost Zoey’s life, Casey claimed. “If we really did not go to Germany there was absolutely nothing else available for us in the States,” Casey said.While they were there just a few months, all three of them enjoyed Germany.”Zoey was 100 percent symptom-free, off steroids and also back to being a typical 4-year-old,”Casey said.”Our company believe it reduced it down … aided her be able to stay who she was.”At some point, the therapy in Germany did

n’t function any longer and also the family members returned to Fairport, where Zoey went to preschool.While in Fairport she was looked after by doctors at Strong Memorial Healthcare Facility and also Golisano Children’s Medical facility, which the family members commended. They appreciated

the straightforward method and honesty it gave them. Zoey didn’t respect the mind lump”You have a boo-boo in your head,” Ben would inform her, yet Zoey really did not care.She would run down the halls in

the hospitals as well as taken pleasure in getting popsicles from the healthcare facility team. In Rochester, they remained in the health center “every other Thursday for concerning 2 to 3 hours,” Ben stated.”We made whatever right into a game so it was less frightening,”he claimed. If Zoey had to obtain a shot it’s the “pokie one”or if she was sedated”it was the foolish juice due to the fact that it made her feel silly.” “She enjoyed getting MRIs and also getting sedated,” Casey stated.”The kid was a nut, she resembles’I obtain silly juice today,'”and after that would certainly yell”yes”in excitement.If she was also sedated to remember a healthcare facility visit, she would certainly

be dismayed she missed out on the fun, Ben said

. If she had a side effect of cancer cells that she didn’t such as, Ben said he would clarify”it’s not your fault,”and afterwards she would certainly be ALRIGHT with it, he said. Her little body was tough. She had experienced more rounds

of radiation than several had actually become aware of– four full rounds. Many kids do not get through two or 3, her moms and dads stated. Doing a fifth round of radiation would have resembled” adding salt to the ocean, “Ben claimed, as the lump wasn’t mosting likely to quit. She loved life despite her”

mind boo-boo.”Zoey’s ashes will take a trip the world. Casey claimed they prepare to take them across the globe, including Paris.’Black is not my color,’Zoey would certainly say Calling hours will certainly be at 12 to 4 p.m. Sunday at Richard H. Keenan Funeral home on Pittsford Palmyra roadway in Perinton.The funeral service will certainly be at 11:30 a.m. Monday at St. John of Rochester.Attendees are asked to not put on black as well as instead dress in brilliant colors. Zoey really did not such as wearing black. To sustain the family members,

instead of blossoms they want that you repay to the neighborhood and also make another person smile.Follow Meghan Finnerty on Twitter: @Finnerty_Meghan

Rihanna Is Driving One Of Her Exes Crazy With Those Sexy Red Bikini Photos

Again? Rihanna has Chris Brown going crazy once more after she dropped a series of bikini pictures from the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Rihanna and many of her friends including BFF Melissa Forde traveled to the tropical islands to celebrate her hairdresser, Yusef Williams’ birthday.

In the Instagram photos, Rihanna showed off her toned body in a red bikini, and Chris is said to be turned on by what he saw.

Happyyy Birthdayyyy @yusefhairnyc we love you 🎉🎊🎊❤️❤️

A post shared by @ mdollas11 on

A source told Hollywood Life: “Chris thinks Rihanna looks good all the time but when he saw these latest pics his jaw dropped. She has the perfect hourglass shape right now, and it’s all natural. That’s a huge turn on for Chris. He loves that Rihanna is all woman and all natural.”

The person went on to reveal: “Chris will always be attracted to Rihanna, and the more time they spend apart, the more he misses and wants her. Seeing her curves look perfect is driving him insane with desire, he would do anything to be with her again, if even for one night.”

Fans are loving the hot pics and are surprised that Rihanna is no longer thick.

One said: “Rih just snatch my damn soul out my body and boo those braids slay bitchhh @badgalriri @mdollas11 come thru Oooo ya crew too sweet 😘 Happy birthday to the hair king! 😩 I wish I could carry a personal Yusef in my ppocket.ome through with a new album or at least a song please.”

Another commenter shared: “I Didn’t At First either, but bae body is banging. Lmfaooooo.Omg Robyn finally in dem brain. They’re in Turks and Caicos, not Barbados beloved. She stopped working to spend time with an old & dear friend. Chill lol.”

This third supporter revealed: “Rihanna sis, you look goodttttt. I thought Rih was thicker. So @badgalriri you really not gonna post up on IG?🤦🏾‍♀️ We gotta spot you from a distance sis. Damn! We binoculars to see these pictures. This reggae New hair !!! R9.”

Rihanna is working on a new album and seems to be focused on having a family with Hassan Jameel.

Epson Expression Picture HD XP-15000 Honored as Expert Digital Photographer Magazine 2018 Hot Ones

LONG COASTLINE, Calif.,/ PRNewswire/– Epson continues to set the bar for electronic photography output as well as today introduced its Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 has actually been recognized as one of Expert Digital photographer publication’s 2018 Hot Ones. The choice showcases the most ingenious, interesting and also motivating items for professional photographers, from high-end specialty gear to affordable devices of the trade designed to make a wonderful perception with the last image output and also photo quality.

In the past five years Epson electronic imaging items have continuously been picked to be included in the annual Hot Ones Customers’ Guide:

  • 2018 Hot Ones: Epson Expression Image XP-15000
  • 2017 Hot Ones: Epson SureColor P5000
  • 2016 Hot Ones: Epson SureColor P7000
  • 2015 Hot Ones: Epson SureColor P600 & & Epson Metallic Photo Paper
  • 2014 Hot Ones: Epson Watercolor Paper Texture

“It’s a significant honor to be chosen for the Hot Ones customers guide,” said Joan Sherwood, elderly editor, Expert Digital photographer. “The yearly Hot Ones overview showcases products for professional digital photographers that are ingenious, interesting, as well as inspiring to the photographer as well as the sector– including the Expression Picture XP-15000.”

This year marks the 20th edition of Specialist Photographer‘s Hot Ones, an overview that highlights selected products ranging from electronic cameras as well as lenses to cds and also displays, that are amazing, fascinating as well as deserving of professional photographers’ focus. The main magazine of Expert Digital photographers of America, Professional Professional photographer, assists viewers progress their businesses as well as professions with editorial content that addresses the creative, technical, and also organisation elements of their job.

“To get this honor numerous times over the past few years demonstrates Epson’s dedication to provide cutting-edge products to professional photographers,” stated Kao Mei, item manager, Customer Ink Jets, Epson America, Inc. “The Expression XP-15000 is developed to deliver high-quality, wide-format, borderless photos without detail going undetected. The XP-15000 is Epson’s most current commitment to providing photographers with specialist gear that surpasses their assumptions.”

Concerning the Expression Photo HD XP-15000
Designed to provide professional-quality indeterminate prints as much as 13″ x 19″, the Expression Picture HD XP-15000 leverages six-color Claria® Photo HD inks, with Red and Gray inks for an ultra-wide shade range and also enhanced black-and-white prints. Featuring a huge, 50-sheet back specialty media tray, the Expression Picture HD XP-15000 makes printing projects simple, even on cardstock1, as well as proclaims a variety of practical printing functions excellent for innovative people and picture fanatics.

The Expression Image HD XP-15000 offers cordless connectivity with Epson Attach, consisting of the Creative Print Application, allowing customers to print from iPad®, iPhone®, as well as Android ™ tablets or smartphone devices2.

Concerning Epson
Epson is a worldwide innovation leader devoted to connecting people, things and also information with its initial reliable, small and also accuracy innovations. With a schedule that varies from inkjet printers and electronic printing systems to 3LCD projectors, watches as well as industrial robots, the firm is concentrated on driving advancements as well as exceeding customer expectations in inkjet, aesthetic communications, wearables as well as robotics.Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Company, the Epson Group makes up more than 76,000 employees in 87 companies around the world, and is proud of its payments to the communities in which it runs and its continuous efforts to minimize environmental impacts.Epson America, Inc., based in Long Beach, Calif., is Epson’s local head office for the UNITED STATE, Canada, and also Latin America. To find out more concerning Epson, please go to: epson.com. You may likewise get in touch with Epson America on Facebook(facebook.com/Epson), Twitter(twitter.com/EpsonAmerica), YouTube(youtube.com/EpsonAmerica ), and also Instagram( instagram.com/EpsonAmerica). * These items utilize just authentic Epson-brand cartridges. Various other brand names of ink cartridges and ink supplies are not suitable and, also if referred to as suitable, may not function correctly.

1 Specialized paper support fit through back paper feed, optimum 23 mil paper thickness, hands-on 2-sided printing just. 2 Many functions need a Web link to the printer, in addition to an Internet-

and/or email-enabled tool. For a checklist of Epson Link enabled printers as well as suitable tools as well as applications, browse through. EPSON as well as Expression are

signed up trademarks, as well as EPSON Exceed Your Vision is a signed up logomark of Seiko Epson Company. All other product as well as trademark name are trademarks and/or signed up trademarks of their respectivebusiness. Epson disclaims any

and also all legal rights in these marks. Copyright 2018 Epson America, Inc.SOURCE Epson America, Inc.