A weekend full of music and art

Two concerts are taking place this weekend as part of the Malta International Arts Festival.

Today, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and the Malta Youth Orchestra, under the direction of Sergey Smbatyan, are presenting Mediterranean Soul.

The joint concert will explore the musical heritage of the diverse cultures sharing the Mediterranean Sea by drawing on the region’s musical traditions, such as Tchaikovsky’s Capriccio Italien, as well as Charles Camilleri’s Mediterranean Dances and Joseph Vella’s Rapsodija Maltija for violin and string orchestra, with the MYO’s concertmaster Stefan Calleja in the solo role.

Mediterranean Soul is taking place at Pjazza Teatru Rjal in Valletta at 9pm.

Tomorrow, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (RCO) of Amsterdam is performing for the first time in Malta.

The concert forms part of the orchestra’s ongoing tour of all 28 member states of the European Union, RCO Meets Europe, and will see the participation of members of the Malta Youth Orchestra during the opening work Overture to Don Giovanni.

Milanese chief conductor Daniele Gatti will then lead the orchestra in Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto and Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony in A Major. The concert will take place at the Manoel Theatre in Valletta at 9pm.

The festival will also see various artists – from singers to dancers to actors – showcasing along the streets of the capital city in a performance titled Artibusk.

Two exhibitions, Exile Homes by philanthropist and photojournalist Reza Deghati, and Watercolour Madness by local artist Kenneth Zammit Tabona, are opening today at the Grand Master’s Palace in Republic Street and at the Malta Society of Arts, respectively. Entrance to both exhibitions is free.

The Malta International Arts Festival runs until July 15. For more information and tickets, visit .

Cannabis Has an Image Problem—These Creatives Are Fixing It

Branding for Leafs by Snoop by Pentagram. Courtesy of Pentagram.

Branding for Leafs by Snoop by Pentagram. Thanks to Pentagram.On a large red signboard above Los Angeles, a senior lady strikes a jaunty posture. She sporting activities trendy sunglasses as well as bright lipstick. Close to her, the vibrant epithet “stoner” has actually been crossed out and also replaced with “granny.” “That is she?” I asked yourself when I saw the advertisement, which enhanced the horizon for 3 weeks this April.As it ends up

, her name is Barbara Rubin, and also, along with appreciating cannabis-infused delicious chocolate, she’s a devoted hula-hooper with a Ph.D. I discovered her backstory on the advertising campaign’s dedicated site, Forgetstoner.com, which also features profiles of other cannabis aficionados, consisting of a developer, a policeman, and a former offensive electrician in the NFL. The message was easy: Cannabis individuals are regular individuals with work as well as households.

The campaign was generated by MedMen, among the fastest-growing dispensary chains in the U.S. The company has actually been functioning to challenge the stigma around marijuana by putting cash right into billboards, a lifestyle magazine, and also retail spaces as smooth as well as brilliantly lit as the Apple shop. MedMen’s “Forget Stoner” project, which ran on exterior marketing spaces across L.A., challenged the stereotype that cannabis users are plain and unambitious.Although a current Church bench

study found that around 6 out of 10 Americans now sustain legalisation, the stigma continues. Simply last week, after Elon Musk took a tentative puff during Joe Rogan’s podcast, Tesla’s supply dipped by 6 percent.(All this although Musk approved the joint in California, where cannabis is legal.)Though the majority of wouldn’t bat an eye at the technology firm exec taking pleasure in a few fingers of scotch or consuming a cup of coffee, images of him smoking a joint ended up being a media occasion. Musk’s duty as the sophisticated business owner behind Tesla as well as SpaceX was obviously incompatible with the stereotype of the bumbling, undistinct pothead. The marijuana market should contend not only with the photo of the lazy

pot cigarette smoker, but likewise the chilling result of government regulation that courses the plant as an Arrange I medicine– positioning it in the same legal category as LSD and heroin– in addition to the devastation triggered by the Battle on Medications, particularly on areas of shade, in which black marijuana users are overmuch arrested and incarcerated. Simply put, cannabis still has a photo problem. Exactly how will designers as well as marketing professionals rebrand it? I asked creatives that deal with marijuana brands to evaluate in with their techniques to this rapidly expanding industry.Creating strong, streamlined layout One technique is to maintain the design minimal and also simple, which assists make cannabis really feel

accessible for a broader audience

.”I make use of short, tight messaging,”clarified Jeremy Parker, previously of Weedmaps and also present creative supervisor of Bevel, a design as well as advertising and marketing firm that collaborates with cannabis brands consisting of ranches, dispensaries, and also technology firms.”Something so vibrant, there’s no other way around it– so even if you do not like the message, it’s mosting likely to stick with you.”As soon as, he made a signboard that revealed a pile of buds on one side of a greater-than icon and a stack of pills on the various other– an equation recommending that cannabis can supply one solution to the opioid situation. Occasionally an easy declaration can give a means into a much more nuanced discussion, as well as Parker reported that the ad got a strong reaction from individuals who, though not cannabis users, did concur with the ad’s message concerning stopping opioid addiction.Parker highlighted that the layout needs to be tidy– that it wouldn’t look out of position on the rack at Target– and it ought to avoid the aesthetic clichés connected with cannabis. In order to get along to an increased consumer base,”[ it] should not pop off as something insane like a Cheech and also Chong– type item,”he said.A basic layout is additionally useful for a market in flux. Because the guidelines governing the packaging and marketing of marijuana products vary from state to state– even city to city– and can commonly transform abruptly, it makes

feeling for designs to be simple, adaptable, as well as simple to update. “You’ll make a product and do 25,000 pieces, and after that the next day, the regulation adjustments, and you have to alter the verbiage on all the items,”Parker explained.Spinning clichés right into gold< img src ="https://d7hftxdivxxvm.cloudfront.net?resize_to=width&src=https%3A%2F%2Fartsy-media-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com%2F5J9kScwLikZYRx2DxESnwQ%252FLBS_Flower_Sizes_110615-1200.jpg&width=1200&quality=80" size= 100%height

=vehicle alt =”Branding for Leafs by Snoop by Pentagram. Thanks to Pentagram.”> Branding for Fallen Leaves by Snoop by Pentagram. Courtesy of Pentagram.Many of cannabis’s negative associations are stimulated by tired visual clichés– front-and-center cannabis fallen leave symbols, all-green-everything, and also 420 referrals– which appeal only to the converted. When Pentagram made the visual identity for Snoop Dogg

‘s brand name of cannabis items, Leafs by Snoop, it was something of a breakout minute for cannabis to be taken seriously by a branding heavyweight. Pentagram partner Emily Oberman wished to avoid what she called the “hemp-y”aesthetic, rather developing something tidy and stylish that would certainly attract both college students as well as grownups alike.Rather than abandon the icon totally, Oberman’s solution for Fallen leaves by Snoop’s logo was to transform the acquainted green vegetation right into faceted golden rays.”The logo design was an early leader in abstracting as well as elevating the marijuana leaf,”claimed Oberman.”By making it out of emerald elements, we were taking it to an additional location.”This motif extends to the product packaging of the products, which feature prismatic photographs of swimmers, hand fronds, and mountain ranges, all stimulating a chill The golden state vibe.In tandem with the Leafs logo style, Oberman’s team likewise developed a logo design for Snoop’s cannabis society and also news web site, Merry Jane. While the idea of the fallen leave as a peace indication might seem rather regular of marijuana branding, the logo design rejuvenated two done-to-death visual clichés by just recommending their forms in a structured, single layout that traded in the typical round peace sign for a square. Once again, in an extra recent Pentagram task, making the packaging for marijuana concentrates purveyor Consistency Extracts, the fallen leave is turned as well as concealed in the tail plumes of a bird.Featuring real individuals, not models Photo on StockPot.

© Seagrass Photography/ StockPot Images

Photograph on StockPot. © Seagrass Photography / StockPot Images. Courtesy of StockPot

. Thanks to StockPot When Ophelia Chong first saw her sis ingesting marijuana to deal with

the signs and symptoms of an autoimmune disease, she had a knee-jerk reaction. “I thought,’ Oh my god, my sibling’s a stoner!.?.!! ‘”she remembered. “It upset me , because I realized I was stereotyping her and also utilizing language that was created for propaganda.”Chong, who at the time was the creative supervisor for a stock image firm, wondered how people like her sis were represented in supply photography. The outcomes were unsatisfactory. “The pictures that came up on major stock websites were mainly of African-American males,” she clarified.”They were keyworded with points like’addict,”convict,’ ‘prohibited,’and also’ drug addict. ‘It was very racist.”Chong determined to fill up that particular niche, releasing StockPot Images, a stock-image service with 240 digital photographers as well as more than 20,000 exclusive pictures of cannabis. The site, which introduced in 2015, provides pictures of a diverse variety of individuals who, Chong highlighted, are genuine individuals, not versions. And since Chong is chiefly worried about authenticity, the site gives an actual education and learning. You can see completely cannabis is grown(indoor, outside, canopy), every component of the plant (leaves, stems, blossoms), as well as the strains of the plant(also many to checklist ). The best way to eliminate stereotypes is with brand-new as well as better images, and StockPot Images functions as a resource for media electrical outlets to transform exactly how they illustrate cannabis.It’s no coincidence that blossoming brands are quickly dubbed the Apple, Hermès

, or Barney’s of cannabis.”Designers and marketing professionals are providing brands examples that the brand-new mainstream customer can get hold of onto,”Chong discussed.” If you’re approaching the 35-year-old mommy or the senior that remembers cannabis from the old days, you have actually reached use aesthetic language that they comprehend.”This could be something as easy as using climbed gold to show a costs item, or including intense shades to a box to suggest fun and recreation.” Our CEO wants us to be the Patagonia of marijuana, “said Meg Minuskin, senior director of marketing as well as communications at ISLAND, a California-based firm that sells pre-rolls, marijuana blossoms, as well as PAX hulls. Island is marketing to an athletic, outdoorsy group, as well as its logo, a hand tree (or is it a cleverly disguised cannabis plant?) silhouetted versus straight red stripes, appears both acquainted and also nostalgic. Evoking 1970s VW vans and also ocean breezes, the identity can quickly be embraced by a brand of flip-flops with no adjustments to its style. According to Minuskin, this lack of immediate organization with the product belongs to the brand name’s message.”The factor we’re attempting to get across is [that] you do not need to be this hardcore stoner who lives and takes a breath marijuana in order to enjoy this item,”she discussed. “It’s something that can be incorporated right into a variety of way of lives. “< img src =" https://d7hftxdivxxvm.cloudfront.net?resize_to=width&src=https%3A%2F%2Fartsy-media-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fj_t2gMmrlDrFYCiLET-QAQ%252FStockPot_JOSH_CHASTEK.jpg&width=1200&quality=80"width=100%height=auto alt="Picture on StockPot by Josh Chastek. © Josh Chastek/ StockPot Images. Courtesy of StockPot." > Picture on StockPot by Josh Chastek. © Josh Chastek/ StockPot Images. Thanks to StockPot.Whether they’re buying cannabis gummies or a silk shirt,

consumers are ending up being significantly thinking about openness, according to Minuskin. Is the brand really operating

according to its stated worths? Is it environment-friendly, supportive of the local economic situation, and also paying its workers a living wage? Garments brand Everlane as well as salad chain sweetgreen have made openness a core component of their message, and Minuskin sees this trend as the way of the future for cannabis brands, also.” When I was in sweetgreen a few days ago, they had a substantial checklist on the wall showing every single ingredient they utilize mapped to the farm partner it originated from,” she stated.” We’re aiming to do that at ISLAND, also.”Minuskin aims to soon give customers with comprehensive details regarding the brand name’s farm companions, including which products were made using lasting techniques like wind and solar energy.Chong agrees that brands need to inform and also educate, as opposed to just market marijuana wrapped up in a vibrant box. The product packaging, as an example, must always explain where as well as just how the product was grown as well as what its advantages are to the user.”A pretty plan is like a first day,”she mused.

“It looks excellent, but once you dig deeper, exists anything behind it? Whatever’s inside had better be as good as that design. “

Light Art Grand Scenic Tour and also Creative Matters involving Iowa City

Ask light artist Gerry Hofstetter concerning links in between the United State and also his native Switzerland, and also he’ll inform you all about just how the initial trip by the Wright bros was noted on a Swiss stop-watch, how a Swiss engineer helped develop the Golden Gateway Bridge and just how in the 1770s, the USA imported a lot Swiss needlework that wealthy Swiss households in those years named their estates after American places.

Hofstetter likes to share such connections, and he gets on an art tour dedicated to commemorating them. He’ll bring his “50 UNITED STATE Monuments in the Limelight” tour to Iowa City on Oct. 4.

The trip includes Hofstetter and also his child Celine and their team’s visual light art forecasted on the sides of monuments, with one monolith for each and every state. In Iowa, they picked the Old Capitol building.

“I picked the building because it represents the birth of the state, it means the vision of the nation,” Hofstetter claimed. “In this building, there were sessions, meetings, events; it’s an interactive area, where people exchange concepts. That’s a philosophical link to our scenic tour– we have to do with trading ideas.”

They intended to drop in Iowa City, Hofstetter said, to highlight the town’s devotion to literature as well as to medication through the University of Iowa Hospitals and also Clinics.

“In Iowa, it’s the creative thinking. It’s the third UNESCO City of Literary works– that means writing, reading … It’s like Switzerland; there are a great deal of individuals in these fields, too,” he said. “And in Switzerland, healthcare as well as medical, like children, are the future of the nation.”

He claimed he sorted through more than 89,000 monuments to pick the 50 for his tour, which he has intended to continue with 2020.

Enroll in The Gazette’s damaging information e-mail list to find out about the most significant local tales, as they happen.Before getting here in Iowa City, he had not been ready to say precisely what he will certainly forecast on the side of the Old Capitol. After getting here around, he plans to talk with locals as well as do some aesthetic tests on the structure prior to offering the last imaginative show.Hofstetter has predicted his light art displays around the globe, consisting of on the Colosseum in Rome, on icebergs in the Antarctic and on the Sphinx in Egypt. He claimed he utilizes light as his imaginative medium since it belongs to an universal language. “Everything which takes oxygen or water to live or grow up on our planet– pets, fish, trees, humans

— need light. Without light, our earth would not endure. Light is inside of everyone who survives on the world.”Liz Crooks, interim director of the Pentacrest Museums, that include the Old Capitol Museum, claimed while she does not understand which photos Hofstetter will certainly select to job, museum personnel sent him photos that highlight the UI’s role on national and international phases, such as the Van Allen Belt as well as function from the Writers ‘Workshop.”We’re delighted to be able to host an international artist of his caliber, and also we truly wish it is a celebration of neighborhood,”she said.”It’s a really unique opportunity for individuals to be able to come out and experience it as a community.”He additionally will happen in a Creative Matters lecture at the gallery before the art show.l What: Light Art Grand Scenic Tour as well as Creative Issues talk l When: Innovative Matters talk 5 p.m., light program 8 to 9 p.m. Oct. 4 l Where: Old Capitol Museum, 21 N. Clinton St., Iowa City l Information: creativematters.research.uiowa.edu

8×10 Sells your Instagrams as Art Prints in a Couple Of Taps

Instagram’s photo-focus often tends to drive musicians to the social network and also one start-up is working to aid artists make some cash money by selling those Instagrams as fine art prints. 8 × 10 is a new iOS app that intends to aid artists and digital photographers market their work with Instagram, removing the demand to construct a separate on-line shop.8 × 10 handles the sales, printing as well as shipping procedure, leaving the artist to simply develop the job and also set up the sale inside the application in order to begin offering prints. The app allows Instagrammers to market their images as mounted prints in limited-edition runs, developing a link for followers to get the piece.Inside the app

, artists post a high-resolution image made use of for the print and also the Instagram blog post. The app strolls artists via the various options for establishing a rate, terms, and hashtags in addition to entitling the work. As soon as ended up, the app sends out that info to the Instagram application, where the artist completes crafting the blog post using the information pre-generated from the app. 8 × 10 can additionally develop a graphic showing the image inside a structure to post, or users can just share the real picture being published.8 x10 The app additionally

enables artists to authorize the job utilizing the touchscreen to add a signature, or by uploading a trademark data or a graphic to make use of as a stamp instead of a trademark. The limited-edition prints are additionally phoned number. Images are published on cotton fine-art paper with archival ink, 8 × 10 says.Followers on Instagram will certainly see the photo, captions, and hashtags, together with a link to order the print.8 x10 Launched by the same people behind Lately, the app that produces a publication from an apple iphone’s video camera

roll, Scott and Elizabeth Valins wished to develop a platform to assist musicians monetize their work. The duo launched the firm on April 12.” What’s been transformative for artists like ourselves, is exactly how Instagram has enabled us to reach a global audience that we couldn’t have actually gotten to or else. Nonetheless, it is a challenging course between having an adhering to and having the ability to sell as well as fulfill art acquisitions, “Scott Valins, said in a statement. “I can not inform you the amount of astoundingly gifted peers of ours constantly deny requests from their followers since the process of meeting archival art is as well difficult, also taxing, as well as expense expensive.” 8 × 10 isn’t the very first platform to attempt to enable artists to offer Instagrams, yet existing choices like Twenty20 focus on marketing the graphics as stock images

, not art prints.The 8 × 10 iOS app is cost-free to download– the company gains their income by taking a part of the picture sale, a cut that is detailed as musicians established the rate of the print in the app.

The app is currently available from the Application Shop.< meta itemprop=link web content =https://cdn.dtcn.com/dt/dt-logo-small.png >

Hemp Industry Turns To George Washington For Help With Its Image : NPR

George Washington – distinguished general, first American president, lover of hemp. He wrote about it in his journal. He called it a cash crop. Washington even used it for rope and netting on his fishing boats. Historians say hemp hasn’t been grown on Washington’s Mount Vernon estate since he died until now. NPR’s Brakkton Booker reports

BRAKKTON BOOKER, BYLINE: Alongside the corn, cotton and tobacco plants that have been grown here for years, there are now 7-foot-tall stalks of cannabis.

DEAN NORTON: So here we are. We are at the hemp plot. Oh, look at those birds – those stinkers. You see? That’s the problem. They want the seed as much as we do.

BOOKER: That’s Dean Norton, the director of horticulture at Mount Vernon. Hemp has not been grown here in a really, really long time – centuries even. Back then, Washington’s slaves would’ve tended the land. On this day, Norton shows me the plot. It’s only about a thousand square feet.

NORTON: And this is just the sort of thing that makes it all worthwhile – when you can return a historic plant like industrial hemp to Mount Vernon that Washington grew all over his farm.

BOOKER: There’s also a smell when you get close. But Norton reminds me and a tourist who came to take a peek that this is industrial hemp, so not the plant you toke, the kind you use for making rope and a host of other products.

NORTON: It is for its use for fiber, food or fuel – not for anything else. We could light a bonfire, sit around and just (inhales). Nothing’s going to happen to you. You may turn into rope, but other than that.

BOOKER: Hemp and its famous cousin Mary Jane are both forms of cannabis. Hemp, though, has only trace amounts of THC, the chemical compound in marijuana that causes the high. That fact didn’t stop the federal government from cracking down on the harvesting of the crop starting in the 1930s. By 1970, it was listed as a Schedule 1 illegal drug.

BRIAN WALDEN: It’s been two generations that we last grew hemp.

BOOKER: Brian Walden is a farmer in Charlottesville, Va.

WALDEN: That means it’s lost from the general population’s knowledge or memory.

BOOKER: It was his idea to reintroduce hemp at Mount Vernon, an idea that was possible due to a provision in the 2014 Farm Bill allowing states to harvest the crop in limited supply for research purposes only. But still, it took years to convince Mount Vernon. Walden, a self-proclaimed hemp patriot, had two big reasons for doing this. The first, to give hemp a very public image makeover.

WALDEN: And getting the message across that this is an innocuous plant that has real benefits. And our founding fathers knew that, and they planted it.

BOOKER: The second, to show lawmakers in Washington that its production in the U.S. could be a viable crop for farmers.

WALDEN: The few restrictions that are currently in place federally are holding back the industry.

BOOKER: Some members of Congress, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have thrown their support behind hemp. The Farm Bill is up for renewal this year, and it’s possible that in it, Congress could legalize industrial hemp.


BOOKER: Back at Mount Vernon, historic re-enactors take freshly sharpened sickles to the tall stalks of hemp. It will be dried for a few weeks, then used in fiber-making demonstrations for the public. Dean Norton, the head of horticulture, says he’s proud Mount Vernon played a role in helping to teach the public, and perhaps politicians, about the benefits of hemp.

NORTON: They’re starting to free it up. They’re starting to get a better definition of the difference between marijuana and industrial hemp.

BOOKER: Norton says it’s all part of the education process. And in the coming weeks, lawmakers are expected to hash out their differences in the Farm Bill. Brakkton Booker, NPR News.

NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc., an NPR contractor, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with NPR. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Accuracy and availability may vary. The authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio record.

Hemp Industry Turns To George Washington For Help With Its Image

Prizes await your best vacation photos

Vacation photographs often capture perfect moments in favorite places, and yours could be a prizewinner.

Send us your best ones by July 16 for a chance to win up to $1,000 in our Destinations Photo Contest. The top photographs submitted will also be featured in a national publication reaching more than 1 million households.

Readers will be able to vote for their favorite photos, and photographers who submit entries will be eligible for one of three top prizes: $1,000 for first place, $500 for second, $250 for third.

In addition, anyone who submits an entry to the contest will be eligible for one of three $100 prizes awarded randomly.

Last year, newspaper readers from across the country submitted photos taken around the world in iconic places such as Egypt’s pyramids and Germany’s famed Neuschwanstein Castle to beautiful spots closer to home such as Great Lakes beaches and national parks.

Matthew Smith, whose Maui photo received the most online votes, won the top prize of $1,000. JT Boehme’s photo taken at an Illinois campground took second prize, winning $500. And Barbara Austin’s Clearwater Beach, Florida, sunset photo won third place and $250.

Photos for the 2018 contest can be submitted through July 16. Many of the best photographs will be included in a special 20-page Destinations travel section that will be published Aug. 22 and distributed in Lee Enterprises’ newspapers throughout the U.S. Lee Enterprises is the parent company of The Daily News.

Please be sure to include information about when and where the submitted photo was taken, identities of people pictured and a bit about what’s going on.

Upload your favorite vacation photo now, and let your friends know that the contest voting period is July 17-23.