Designer Moment: Art By Jess

Meet Jess Schuler of ‘Art From Jess” (and previously called ‘All Pets Cherished). She gets a whole lot of her inspiration from her menagerie of animals. Her sweet, whimsical art will appeal to the young and the young at heart.

Inform us! Where is your hometown? Where do you reside today? Do you have any hobbies or interests outside design? Any fun details on your own?

Hello, my name is Jess and I’ve resided in western NY to my whole life. In 1997, I bought an old farmhouse and recently celebrated 20-years of living here! I love living in the country, and that I have an wonderful view of the slopes out of my property. I’m blessed to have 2 wonderful kids, a horse that I’ve owned for over 15 decades, one dog, and 2 cats. My everyday life consists of horse stalls and designing, but in my free time I enjoy road riding with my horse, walks with my dog, and lots of camping at the warmer weather.

Inform us about the distance where you do your work. Do you have a formal studio or have your carved out a corner in your residence?

I started with a desk at the small loft area within my residence. I promptly outgrew that area and chose to convert a bedroom in my home studio. The first thing I’d installed was white countertops that are 8-feet long each way. This gives me plenty of room to spread out and work on several diverse jobs simultaneously. My most recent upgrade to my office was a 27-inch monitor along with also a stand-up desk. A adorable fox painting that I made a couple of decades ago is among my favourite focal points within this area.

What’s your history in art/design? What have you started producing?

My mom was the first man to show me how to draw a horse when I was. I recognized at a young age that I actually loved to draw and color. After she showed me that I was able to take ideas in my head and pull them outside, I was hooked. I took art courses in high school and majored in Art. Unfortunately, there was not a really good way to earn money performing ‘fine art,’ so I started working at a veterinary clinic, and worked there for 13 decades. Eventually, I looked in a new program that a college close by has been offering in digital art. I attended classes full time and completely LOVED learning just how to shoot my cartoon sketches and turn them into digital graphics that I could make into so many items!

Where do you find inspiration for the own designs?

My biggest inspiration for my layouts are animals, but also notions that my children want me to draw for them.

When do you feel you’re most inventive? Your least?

I think the very innovative first thing in the afternoon. I love getting up, grabbing some coffee, and getting my mind ready for the day. I attempt to get any new jobs or new examples I’m focusing on doing during the morning and afternoon because I start to drop focus through the day. I’m definitely a night owl when it comes to work, and on a weekday, I have a tendency to turn in to the night early and get a whole night’s sleep.

What are your favorite products to look on Zazzle?

My favorite products to design are ribbons, paper plates, leggings, and wall clocks.

If you could want for a new merchandise on Zazzle, what would it be and why?

I would love if Zazzle needed a spare-wheel cover for a camper. I would love to see my art going down the street, and that I think that the possibilities for layouts would be fantastic!

What’s the very first Zazzle merchandise that you sold?

The first product I sold on Zazzle has been a baby shower invitation.

What Are Your 5 Favorite Products in Your Own Shop?

Do you have some information for new Zazzle Designers?

Do not copy other designers. Be specific and make your own layouts. Use the recommended sizes, and do not cut corners by trying to earn a bit of art fit every thing. Do not use ‘fast create’ choice merely to fill your shop. Style with intention.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to understand about you?

‘All Pets Cherished’ is the original business name, however in 2011 I changed everything over to ‘Art from Jess.’