FotoJet Designer for PC– Your Automachine to Level Up Photo Art

How the photos look has an immense influence on the success of a commercial campaign, that’s why those big companies, like Apple & Microsoft, maintain a design team to create appealing posters, right logos as well as website photos. For a small business, it’s beyond the reach of just hiring a professional designer, not speaking of employing a whole team. Hence, let’s check the well-reviewed graphics processor – FotoJet Designer for PC. With it, it will become easy to level up photos without any hassle.

FotoJet Designer for PC


FotoJet Designer for PC is designed for creating e-cards, flyers, covers, postcards, invitations, Facebook covers, YouTube channel arts, email header, etc. It’s equipped with over 900 design templates, all of which are well categorized and easy to navigate. It has a “Popular” section listing the most used features from the big data. For marketing purpose, you’d like scroll down to “Marketing” part and view its options.

Design for Commercial Purposes

Posters are used almost everywhere: big mall, street, bakery, coffee house, bookshop, supermarketdesignTo make a good-looking poster with FotoJet Designer for PC, you just need to go [Marketing] > [Poster] and find your favourite one. Provided that it gives you a long list of options, you can narrow down the options by using the scroll down button, which sorts those templates to a more detailed category.

When you find out a template that meets your requirements, give it a click, and you will be ready to design it. Mouse click any text on the canvas, you can then input any words. Select an element, the software will show you changeable items, like alignment, layer, style, effect, etc. Anyway, it’s way straightforward to navigate. Just follow your heart, you can have your art graphic in the end.


Design for Fun & Lifestyle

If it’s April Fool, Halloween, Easter or Xmas, many of us will expect a festival card for blessing or wishing good luck. It’s never easy to work out a classic card with some traditional design software like Photoshop. Lucky for you, FotoJet Designer for PC has easy approaches to design various e-cards according to different needs. Go [Popular] > [Card], or go [Event] > [Card], it will offer you a wide range of choices available.

Editing or favourite is the same. Pick any element you would like to make a change the software will show you what to do next. For sure, if you want to use a different background and change the whole feeling of the graphic, it fully supports you. Just delete the background, and apply another background style, be it a pure design from [BKGround] or from another picture of yours (Don’t forget to set background layer to the bottom, or you may not like how it looks.).

Final Words


FotoJet Designer for PC prepares a myriad of graphic design templates for its users, which makes designing much more comfortable. It does a lot in advance, and the rest work is a piece of cake. We conclude that FotoJet Designer for PC is perhaps the best software to make graphics in Windows. If you don’t prefer to install an application on your PC, FotoJet online app offers you another possibility to design graphics online.

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