Office Image Viewer Shows Duplicate Photos

Microsoft Windows is a widely used operating system which enjoys a clear majority over its rivals. It’s user friendly, comes with many add-ons, and is also considered a great OS for beginners that are beginning to find computers.

Most of the Windows users utilize Microsoft Office to prepare college assignments, office reports, and sometimes even blog posts (like that one).

One notable problem in Office is the picture viewer shows duplicate images and there is no way to repair that. You see, Windows or Word do not come with a pre-installed duplicate picture removal program. So today we are providing a few options that could help those people that are experiencing this dilemma.

Finding Duplicate Images in Microsoft Office Image Viewer

Microsoft Image Viewer is also referred to as Microsoft Picture Manager, so don’t get confused in case you do not locate the term picture viewer.

Since you can see we’ve got two similar pictures in the Photo Manager. There’s absolutely no choice to detect if they’re duplicate because Microsoft Office doesn’t contain any plugin to detect it. Therefore, in the event you think these pictures are consuming way too much space for your tolerance, only move them manually. Or, in case there are a lot of pictures in a folder then simply delete all them at once using a Duplicate Photo Finder.

This picture is taking 50 kb, which isn’t a large number so far as file size is concerned. But since you will find 100s of duplicate images on a platform, the storage space these pictures absorb can snowball into 50 MBtherefore or even more.

Eliminate Duplicate Photos for Free

Below are two duplicate photo finder methods that you could utilize to delete pictures from Microsoft Image Viewer.

Windows Thumbnail Viewer

A simple and absolutely free process to delete duplicate documents from the machine is using Windows Thumbnail Viewer. The thumbnail viewer isn’t a program but a function that lets you view all photos in thumbnails and delete the ones that you see as copies. It’s a time-consuming procedure and you may not like it due to the monotonous nature in addition to the exhaustion element. But if you do not want to install a program, it’s a wonderful way to begin.

  1. Open any folder and click in the empty space.

That is it. You will then be able to look at the thumbnail view to get pictures and readily spot any copies that might be current, and take suitable action.

Thumbnail view empowered


PictureEcho is a duplicate photo finder that can help you delete or move (according to your pick ) similar in addition to duplicate photos in all frequent picture formats (. Jpg, .png, .jpeg, .ico, .bmp along with .tif) to various folders. Just for your info, a comparable picture is an image that conveys a close similarity to a different image but nevertheless it isn’t similar enough to another picture to be termed as a duplicate. So this neat software application makes it possible to cope with duplicate and similar photographs permanently. We will stick with caring for duplicate pictures as that will be the subject of this article.

The Way To Delete Pictures with Picture Echo

This program can help to eliminate duplicate photographs and free up a lot of storage space for you, but it also keeps everything simple and applicable at precisely the same time so the users do not get lost in the procedure. Just add up the goal folder, then select the correct options and that’s all you need to do.

  1. and install PictureEcho.
  2. The procedure might take some time to complete (depending on the amount of photographs to be scanned).
  3. Once the outcomes are outside, you’ll find the bottom most part of this PictureEcho user interface display the amount of duplicate photos detected in addition to the storage space they were occupying.
  4. Click the Select Duplicates button to decide on which kind (little, big, high/low resolution, latest, oldest or from picture location) of copies you want to retain and last, click on Select Action to select whether you wish to delete the copies or move them into a folder.
  5. The final action will likewise be done and invisibly fast and you will rid yourself of duplicates photos.

Now you may check Microsoft Office Image Viewer and witness for yourself the gallery is totally free from all duplicate photos.