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Since the coming of digital photography there has been one app that has been the penultimate of all picture editing — Adobe Photoshop. There’s no denying it’s powerful, but many find it confusing and difficult to understand. Another aspect that some people are not convinced about is the new subscription based possession. So for many, a different solution to this predicament is On1 Photo 10. It is a program which isn’t that expensive, and will do a lot of the vast majority of photographers want.


Picture processed using an Enhance Module from On1 Photo 10

Overview of On1 Photo 10

Even the On1 Photo 10 editing software has been around for a while, and you may know it as plugins for Lightroom and Photoshop. But lately it has been given a new look, and it’s now also a standalone program. This means you don’t want an additional program to have the ability to use it. You are able to download it and do all of your editing inside its own bounds.

After you start On1 Photo 10, it seems somewhat like Lightroom, but this is about it. Locating all the tools is different, but not too different that you can’t find things. When you get started using On1, a window pops up with several videos to teach you just how to use it. It’s best that you watch them and learn. They aren’t very lengthy, but they’re packed with helpful info.

On the perfect side of this panel you can find a set of modules which you are able to edit your photos in. Each is unique and provides you different choices.

Browse Module

In the Browse section you’ll be able to have a look at your photos and catalog them, decide   where you would like them, and upload them into Cloud storage centers like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. It’s like Bridge from Photoshop and also even the Library Module in Lightroom. It’s possible to make the images bigger, so you are able to find a better look at them and choose  which ones you would like to operate on.

When you want to start editing, the other modules are available for you to use.


Read Module, here it is possible to view your photos and move them about.

Enhance Module

When you start your photo into the Boost section you can do some simple editing, such as: changing the exposure, adjusting whites, dark, shadows, and highlights. It will let you correct the white balance and help with noise reduction. This part is where you get your picture ready for further work. It’s similar to the prep area prior to going to do the real work.

Similar to Lightroom, On1 works in a non-destructive Method. If you  don’t understand it means   nothing you do to your picture is permanent. If you do something to it and don’t like it, then you can return and reverse the shift. Whenever you’re only  learning photo editing, then it’s better to work with applications which lets you operate this way, without needing to worry about destroying your picture.


The Enhance Module lets you do some simple editing to your images.

Effects Module

In Outcomes, you can add filters and presets to your photos. There’s a large assortment of them, and every one has many choices inside. Now you have the option of producing your personal and saving them ( as in Lightroom), which is quite beneficial if you would like to use the same one a great deal.

There’s a difference between presets and filters. On1 clarifies that presets do numerous effects, while the blockers have just one. When using any of them you are able to make adjustments so it’s as powerful as you’d like, or they can be designed to have less effect. You are the judge of just how you would like  the final outcome to appear.


In the Effects mode you can apply presets and filters to your images.


It’s possible to see exactly what the presets or blockers can do to your picture, if you click on the grid you’ll find a bigger of opinion of every choice.


It’s possible to see what every preset or filter can perform and once you determine which to use, simply click it.


On1 will subsequently apply it to your picture.

Portrait Module

Portrait module is perhaps is the toughest one to use. For individuals who picture portraits on a normal basis, however, it may seem more intuitive. You have to work out faces and tip from the eyes and mouth into the app. Then it will whiten the eyes and make the lips lighter. You also have the option of going back over what and readjusting the configurations. While bleaching the eyes may be fine, if it’s done a lot of it looks very odd.


On1 allows you to do specific work to faces, and requests you to highlight the eyes and mouth so it can to its thing.


It’s possible to work on epidermis and other areas of the facial skin too.

Layers Module

On1 Photo 10 has the capacity to operate in layers, so if you like working with feel overlays and replacing skies, you may like this module. It makes them very simple to accomplish, particularly the former.

The app comes with a number of textures, backdrops, plus boundaries. You could very easily just use what it provides, but it also has a part where you are able to add your personal computer. Therefore, you could upload some textures you’ve collected and apply them to your images.

Just like the majority of segments in On1, you are able to adjust, and determine how powerful the layer will be. There are blending options and tools can be found  if you wish to remove part of it too.


The Layer Module lets you work in layers, there are also some tools on the left which enable you to do some specific processes.


It’s possible to apply textures.


Or you can substitute a heavens, which is quite simple with the masked brush tool.

Resize Module

Figuring out how to resize a picture is simple, and quite straight forward. It’s a task that lots of people usually find difficult. I frequently see people putting up big images online since they don’t know how to make them even smaller. On1 includes a separate module where you are able to make them    with the size you want. If you would like to resize it for something specific, you can find choices out there for this as well. There are no excuses now for loading images which are too big.

Who’d use On1 Photo 10?

If you like plugins and seeing the various effects on your images, you may love this software.   It’s  ideal for someone who’s just starting out, and searching for software that’s simple and simple to use. A number of the other applications can get down you because of how complicated they can be, On1 has good online support and there are quite a few videos available to help you work through it.

Experience using On1 Photo 10

I have to confess that while I know how to use many diverse kinds of editing applications, I had to obtain some video tutorials to help me find my own way round. On1. It’s something that you need to always do when studying new products, it can help you find the correct way to use them. Fortunately, On1 includes a great deal of tutorials available to help you learn   to use it.

It could just be my computer, or the dimensions of my files, however I had trouble using the program crashing or freezing. I have a PC and am using Windows 10, therefore it may not be harmonious. I’ve sent an email to the developers in expectation of finding out exactly what keeps causing this. There’s however a 60-day trial version available, which is a lot more than most other software solutions. So you can find out if it will work for you or not.

The program  does have a propensity to blow out the highlights. In Photoshop you can often fix them but On1 blows off them even more, and it seems like   you cannot do anything about it. But it only happens when using RAW images, if you convert them into JPEG it doesn’t seem to occur. Though, it will teach you to be cautious with them.


It’s possible to see the top picture, which has been a RAW record how the highlights have been dismissed, but it has not occurred in the jpeg file.

Every single time you start a picture it asks in the event that you would like to edit a copy or the original. When you start you might discover that each and every single time you start the picture you’re producing another copy of this. Take care, and perhaps as soon as you have that copy, simply work on this one.


Read the windows as they open, and make certain you’re conscious of what you’re doing.


On1 Photo 10 is a good app, and those interested in performing just basic editing will find it quite helpful. The ones that love the grunge design and including textures may also enjoy using it. It probably will not replace Photoshop, but for beginners and people who love using plugins, it is a wonderful option.

Have you attempted? What are your thoughts?

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