See How Good PVC Pipes Can Look On A Wall (Photos)

A female discovered a straightforward, cost-effective way to mount drape poles in her freshly renovated office without investing a fortune.Blogger Shelley Detton wrote about her curtain poles in her blog, 7 Layer Studio, describing that she involved the realization that PVC pipelines could get the job done that pricey drape poles usually do.”I really did not want to spend a lot of money

on these wall surfaces, as well as I desired the drapes to entirely cover the space in between the windows, so I knew I could escape the 45 angle PVC couplers and also the incredibly affordable curtain rod braces (you can purchase them in incomplete sets at Lowes for a pair throws each set),” she described in the blog site.

“So I painted the pipes black with spray paint that’s especially made for plastic, and I just needed to acquire 2 unfinished finials for either end of the curtain poles (which I additionally repainted black, undoubtedly).”

Detton stated the whole configuration, consisting of the PVC pipelines, brackets, finials and also spray paint, price only $20.

“To make the finials (which feature a screw inserted in them already) affix to the ends of the PVC, I could have glued wood dowels inside completions and after that screwed into that, but instead I splashed some of that expandable caulk sealer things (the foamy kind that expands and then hardens) into the open ends of the PVC, then taped the finials in position on completion before the foam had a possibility to expand/escape/ooze out the end,” she composed.

“As soon as it hard (concerning thirty minutes) they were strongly safeguarded in place and I didn’t have to go try and also find a dowel that would fit ideal inside the pipe.On her wall, it would certainly be hard to tell the drape poles weren’t pricey steel poles and also were just low-cost PVC pipes.

Try Detton’s trick if you’re seeking to restore on a budget.